Brad Celebrates 10 Years As Grand Ole Opry Member

This past weekend CMA Entertainer of the Year Brad Paisley celebrated his 10th anniversary as a Grand Ole Opry member before a sold-out crowd, part of the Opry’s All-Star Weekend.After an on-stage presentation by Opry Vice President and General Manager Pete Fisher and Opry member Bill Anderson, Paisley reflected on ten years of Opry membership.“…This is my favorite place to play,” Paisley said. “It’s the best stage in the world. You’ve got the circle right here which means more to us now than ever. I always wanted to be a member here. That was my goal. I think more than anything… it was like, ‘if I could just be a member of the Opry, I’ll know that I’ve made it in the eyes of some really important people.’ I can’t believe it’s been ten years. It’s flown by.  Thank you for not kicking me out of the club yet. I appreciate it.”Anderson replied, “I think you’ll be around here as long as you want to be and as long as there is a Grand Ole Opry for you to play.”