Brad Paisley Continues Album Leaks In An Out of This World Way!

Brad Paisley has been leaking songs from his new album, Moonshine in the Trunk, via Twitter for the past couple of weeks and he took it to a new level as he made a trip to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida yesterday to launch a new song from a historic launch pad. late 1960s, Pads A and B at Kennedy Space Center's Launch Complex 39 have served as backdrops for ca's most significant manned space flight endeavors -- Apollo, Skylab, Apollo-Soyuz and space shuttle. Paisley stood on the surface of Launch Pad 39B, where a Saturn V rocket once launched three American astronauts to the moon, as he sent out a tweet to leak, “American Flag on the Moon.” In the background was historic Launch Pad 39A, where the first men who landed on the moon left Earth.  Paisley exchanged social media posts about the song with NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman, a current resident of the International Space Station.    Paisley tweeted, "I’m at @NASA's Apollo launch pad in FL! Leaking my new song, American Flag on the Moon. Take a listen @Astro_Reid” and included a link to the song. A quick response Wiseman followed, "Hold on @BradPaisley, we don't usually like leaks at the launch pad," and attached a photo of Florida from his vantage point in orbit. "Thanks for the amazing view," the singer wrote in reply. "Hope you love the song!" “And here is Florida from the ground @astro_reid - blocked by a very very large building” Paisley tweeted with a photo of himself in front of the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB). “@BradPaisley Great selfie. Enjoy the humid ocean air and rich history at the Cape. BTW, just listened to your song on the #ISS - thanks!!”   Check out video footage here  Media download is available at In "American Flag on the Moon," Paisley dares Americans to dream again and "believe in impossible things."  "I mean, after all, there's an American flag on the moon," he sings. Moonshine in the Trunk – Monday, August 25 release date.