Brad Paisley Gets One Right in His 'Wheelhouse' and Knocks it Outta the Park

You hate to start a review off with something as PR Pollyanna as, "Hello, Grammy No. 4!'' But after listening to Brad Paisley's latest ... "Hello, Grammy No. 4!'' With appearances by Dierks Bentley, Mat Kearney, Charlie Daniels, Hunter Hayes, Eric Idle and LL Cool J, it's a collection of lyrics at times wrenching, at times hilarious (Idle's presence on "Death of a Married Man,'' which sets up "Harvey Bodine,'' is Monty Python-worthy). Rapper Cool J co-wrote "Accidental Racist'' with Paisley, and while it's a bit trite, it goes beyond mere melody to promote racial understanding. "Karate,'' the story of an abused woman whose hubby is about to learn better than to "chase Cuervo with Tecate,'' is proof of Paisley's songwriting chops. Grade: A. By - Chuck Yarborough The Plain Dealer