Brad Paisley Goes Far Outside His ‘Southern Comfort Zone’ for Scenes in New Music Video

The stats on Brad Paisley‘s ‘Southern Comfort Zone’ video are impressive before one even gets to the first scenes. Eight countries covered in eight days. Ten thousand miles traveled, 57 pints of beer gulped down. That’s a lot of for a guy who doesn’t drink.  Paisley begins his latest clip in front of a red tractor that eventually drives the rhythm of the song. Soon, an elephant walks by in what otherwise seems like a straight-from-Nashville landscape. From there it’s Rome, Paris, Dublin, Stockholm, and points in between in a series of clips the singer called “‘Bourne Identity’ meets ‘Green Acres’” during his video unveiling on Monday (Dec. 10). No green screen was used in the filming of ‘Southern Comfort Zone,’ so yes, the singer did really get that personal with a giraffe. He said Paris and Rome were his favorite places to visit, but one senses Paisley enjoys the scenery wherever he lands. The running … that was a spur of the moment decision that ended up being worked into every shot. Look for a cameo from the Band Perry in at least two scenes. Reid Perry throws him the apple, but Paisley pointed out an editing error that he was aware of but left in anyway. When the camera cuts back to the sibling trio, the apple is still on the table, waiting to be tossed. Later, they are amongst the revelers hoisting a brew in the pub. During a live chat with fans after the video reveal, Paisley didn’t offer up many details about his new album other than to say it should be out in the spring and that ‘Southern Comfort Zone’ is not his favorite song on the album. That changes from day to day. “Southern Comfort Zone” is directed by Jim Shea, who also directed Paisley’s award winning videos “Waitin’ On A Woman,” “Start A Band,” and “When I Get Where I’m Going,” as well as “Welcome to the Future” and “Water.” “Southern Comfort Zone” is from Paisley’s upcoming album due out April 9 and enters the Top 10 this week on country airplay charts.