Everybody Loves John Fogerty

NPR's All Things Considered discusses John Fogerty and his new project Wrote a Song for Everyone which features the song Hot Rod Heart with Brad Paisley.Though Fogerty remains a rocker, his new album highlights his deep connections to country music; he's an obsessive student of country guitar techniques. A highlight of the album is "Hot Rod Heart" with Brad Paisley, whom Fogerty calls one of the greatest guitarists alive. At the end of the song, the two of them have a kind of guitar duel. Paisley has been covering Fogerty's songs since he was a teenager. Speaking from his Nashville studio, Paisley says he'd love to pick Fogerty's brain about guitar tone but has never gotten the chance. "He is such a student of guitar playing that I end up not being able to get a word in edgewise, because he just asks all these questions about guitar amps," Paisley says. "And it's like, shouldn't he be sitting back, coasting at this point? But he's not. He is more interested in learning than anyone I know that's my age or younger."