Five Things We Learned About Brad Paisley During His Web Chat

Country superstar, Brad Paisley took to the web to debut his new video for “Southern Comfort Zone.” He followed that debut with a live online Q&A that featured questions directly from fans, some being asked right in the moment. During the chat, we learned a few things about Brad, his music, and the video in particular that we didn’t know before. Some were silly, while others were fascinating. Below are five of the things we learned — plus a few more tidbits. 1) Brad loves to travel.“We flew 10,000 miles to do this [video]. I love to see the world. I’m in the right line of work for that.” 2) Brad painted the shirt that he wears in the video.And he wore it in all eight countries (which they visited in eight days). 3) Brad chose the cliff-diving image for the “Southern Comfort Zone” single cover a good reason.It “had a lot to do with the fact that this album feels a little like a leap form me in some ways.” He explains, and as you can see at left, “it sort of illustrated that to some degree the look of jumping,” noting the Batman building on one side and the Eiffel Tower on the other. 4) A green screen was never used during the video shoot.“Every location is a real location,” says Brad. Including the African footage, which as Brad explained, was shot by Detroit personality Steve Grunwald during a recent cow-buying excursion to Kenya that Brad spearheaded. 5) “Southern Comfort Zone” is not Brad’s favorite song on the album. He wouldn’t, though, divulge what is, saying that changes daily depending on what he is working on. Additional random things we learned about Brad Paisley: His favorite color is, what else, “Paisley” Favorite NASCAR driver is Jeff Gordon, although he is friends with and also admires Dale Jr., Jimmy Johnson and Tony Stewart Guitar players he most admires include Brian Setzer, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Keith Urban, Redd Volkaert Christmas is about “being with family,” and he’s glad that you’re kind of “forced to be with family” at that time, “because everyone’s so busy. Otherwise families would put it off.” He has one dog In the future, he’d like to work with LL Cool J Favorite guitar pedal is a delay pedal, adding “Catalinbread makes one called  Montavillian that is really something” Favorite city in Europe “Would probably be Rome, its a toss up sometimes, Stockholm’s great, Dublin’s great – the thing about Dublin is the people more than anything, nicest, warmest people, actually Canada gets nicest maybe, or Sweden actually. In Dublin, they are your ‘drunk uncle’ every one of them – just the nicest people.” Does not have any tattoos If they made a movie of his life, who would play Brad Paisley? Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney, “If you watch Saturday Night Live you’ll know what I’m talking about.” His son does not sing along and get excited when he hears him on the radio. “He’s not a fan.” Advice to aspiring artists? ”Sing your heart out, and have a good time doing it. If you are having fun, at least you’re having success that way.” In closing, and in keeping with the theme of the new video, Paisley says, “thanks for watching. Watch it a lot you’ll see new things every time. Then go book your trip and see the world.” by Nanci Haskin99.5 WYCD