Single Review:"Southern Comfort Zone" - Roughstock

On the surface of Brad Paisley's new single "Southern Comfort Zone," we find the singer exploring new sonic territory that was only hinted at on "Welcome To The Future." Quite simply, there's no other way to put it. "Southern Comfort Zone" is likely what Coldplay would sound like if it were to make a country record. The melody is epic and grand and if you just listen to that it doesn't feel like Brad's really "getting back to basics" like he said he would. But if you listen, that's really listen to both the melody and what he's actually saying (though processed it is at times), what we have here is a genuinely good song and it rivals Brad Paisley's best work. Now, in a politically charged climate where there's more of an us vs. them mentality and a rise of 'south's gonna do it again' mentality in the USA, Brad sings about all the great things about the South but instead of keeping us there, he talks about how he challenged himself to step outside of his "Southern Comfort Zone" and realized the beauty of other people, cultures and that there's more to life than bonfires, nascar, biscuits and Church on Sunday. Those are all great things but dang it if it isn't good to get out once in a while. That's what he's about here and if I hadn't listened to this two or three times before writing this, I'd have written a highly charged negative review. But not only did I listen, I paid attenion and what I heard was a grand, epic, worldly feel to the melody of "Southern Comfort Zone" and it just might piss off a few traditionalists but if they sit and listen to the song (again really listen), they'll find a song that genuinely is saying something and not just another 'I love the south now give me my guns, my truck and my moonshine and lets go.' That, my friends is why This Is Country Music. by Matt